Music 4 Care

Providing Free 'LIVE' Guitar & Vocal Music to Care Homes 

This help section is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to contact us should you have any question not covered in any of the sections.

Music 4 Care
was formed in 2010 by Professional and Semi-Professional musicians from a Guitar Forum.
It's remit is simple: To provide 'free of any charge' music entertainment to the Care Home Industry.

Who are the musicians?  Most musicians have in-depth music experience and in their are own rights are recording artists. They specialise in guitar instrumental music and can authenticate original artists to the point you really think the original artist is performing.  Each musician is a member of a 'Sound & Technical' on-line forum and despite living many miles apart, even Countries, they all know each other. They are passionate about their music.

Why is it free?  Although some of the musicians  play regularly to fee paying venues, all musicians listed here are delighted to offer their services free to the Care Home Industry on a limited basis to their local areas. Some may make a nominal charge for travel expenses which are noted on the artist page. The Care Home other than that pays nothing.

What about Insurance and Equipment testing?  Each musicians will have with them a current Liability Insurance Certificate which can be provided in advance of booking if required. We currently have liability insurance up to 10 million pounds . All equipment will be PAT Tested and will carry the approved decal on all electrical equipment being used.  The musician will not be offended should you ask to see proof of Insurance and Electrical testing.

What equipment is used?  In all cases the musicians will have electric guitars, guitar effects and either a small format amplifier or PA System in the case of small room venues such as dining halls. We know that room is of a premium with most Care Homes and we are used to working within a confined space. On occasions we are asked to perform in larger rooms or at outside events, a Summer Fair for example, we advise that you discuss your requirements direct with your chosen musician.

When can we perform?  Most musicians are happy to accommodate most days including weekends. Their services are in demand and limited so we strongly advise booking in advance.

How long does a performance last?  We know after working with so many Care Homes that one hour is considered normal. Most musicians are happy to do longer but it is always best to discuss this with them in advance.

Can the Care Home make a charge for it's guests?  Care Homes often have tight budgets and always looking for ways to make money to fund future activities and like to make a small entrance charge for residents guests. We are happy for you to do this but please discuss this with your chosen musician in advance so they are aware.

IMPORTANT: What YOU need to provide?  All we ask is a safe working environment and an area that has available and with suitable 230v wall sockets for electrical supply.  A cup of tea would be nice but not mandatory!.

A responsible person should be made available when the musician(s) arrives to show them the venue room and any fire safety procedures.

AS OF 2016:  Legislation now states that a new venue will require a risk assessment to take place prior to setting up equipment. We are able to provide you with the required forms to enable this to take place. We can of course do this on arrival. 

Once the musician has set up they will require a competent person to agree to the maximum volume allowed. This is just a simple task for someone to say 'YES' or 'NO' please turn it down until such time your happy with the volume. This MUST be done before residents are seated for the performance. We are aware that your residents may have sensitive hearing and we want to make entertainment as enjoyable as possible. Nothing is more disconcerting to a performing musician than a resident with hands over their ears. 

We expect a minimum of one Carer to be present at all times during the performance for obvious Health & Safety reasons.

If you have any questions you are free to contact your chosen musician direct or if you wish you can email: or use the on-line contact form.